Sunday Streets!

was out this past Sunday October 13th with thousands of residents, newcomers and visitors to say hello and welcome at the 2nd annual Sunday Streets event on Shattuck Avenue!

What a treat to be stationed at our table near the French Hotel where we watched people of all ages walk, pedal, scoot and shuffle along Shattuck Avenue which normally is filled with two-way traffic every other day of the year.

The weather was perfect and the mood of the day was upbeat and conducive to socializing, taking in live music and other performances and participating in art making, storytelling, eating, drinking, playing and generally having a good time.

Thanks to Alan The Amazing, our friend who came to entertain kids with his balloon creations. 
He can be hired for your special event!

We hope all who attended had a great time….take a minute and tell us what you saw and did during the event!

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