Uncharted Day Two – Dirks justifies the humanities

So what are the humanities, chopped liver?

UC Berkeley’s Chancellor Dirks explains the value of a liberal arts education

In his talk “So what are the humanities, chopped liver?” presented on Day Two of Uncharted, the Berkeley Festival of Ideas, the new Chancellor of
UC Berkeley, Nicholas Dirks posited that college students need a liberal arts education to engage big questions such as “What is the good life?”  If the Socrates quote “The unexamined life is not worth living” is true, the Chancellor recommends that students take at least one humanities course per semester. To be creative in business, entrepreneurs must think outside the box. With a degree in Social Welfare from Cal as part of my “tool kit,” I am developing a personal approach to welcoming Berkeley newcomers through my new business, LoveBerkeley.
During in-person visits I will share useful information about the good life in Berkeley including referrals to many wonderful businesses that are integral to the flourishing community we enjoy here.

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