Kick off Valentine’s Day with LoveBerkeley!

Kick off Valentine’s Day with tea, strawberries, cookies and chocolates from LoveBerkeley!  Prize drawing for attendees!
LoveBerkeley invites you to stop by the Chamber office to kick off Valentine’s Day with some refreshments between 8:15 and 9:15 am, Friday, February 14. There will be an opportunity for you to share on paper (and maybe video) what you especially love about Berkeley!
If you want, stay and chat with Carol Suveda, proprietor who will be happy to tell you about the free welcome visits she offers for Berkeley newcomers (residents) and how local businesses who would like exposure to newcomers can take advantage of LoveBerkeley’s personal marketing services.Your friends, guests are welcome!
Questions? Call contact Carol at
or (510) 734-5212.
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Uncharted Day Two – Dirks justifies the humanities

So what are the humanities, chopped liver?

UC Berkeley’s Chancellor Dirks explains the value of a liberal arts education

In his talk “So what are the humanities, chopped liver?” presented on Day Two of Uncharted, the Berkeley Festival of Ideas, the new Chancellor of
UC Berkeley, Nicholas Dirks posited that college students need a liberal arts education to engage big questions such as “What is the good life?”  If the Socrates quote “The unexamined life is not worth living” is true, the Chancellor recommends that students take at least one humanities course per semester. To be creative in business, entrepreneurs must think outside the box. With a degree in Social Welfare from Cal as part of my “tool kit,” I am developing a personal approach to welcoming Berkeley newcomers through my new business, LoveBerkeley.
During in-person visits I will share useful information about the good life in Berkeley including referrals to many wonderful businesses that are integral to the flourishing community we enjoy here.

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Uncharted Day One – Jump Associates workshop


Carol of LoveBerkeley is an infovore who invites you to brainstorm with her

Carol of LoveBerkeley is an infovore who invites you to brainstorm with her

At the Uncharted Lab – Quantity yields quality, attendees learned that to have a break through idea, sometimes it’s good to collaborate with experts from different backgrounds. When you brainstorm with others, ideas are offered that stimulate other ideas. Sometimes ideas will surprise you, so stay open and don’t judge.  That said, I welcome conversations with folks in Berkeley who would like to talk about the needs of newcomers and how LoveBerkeley can create inviting opportunities for those looking to acclimate in a convenient and personal way.

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Winners of LoveBerkeley’s Sunday Streets Prize Drawing

Hello from LoveBerkeleyWe are pleased to announce the winners from the prize drawing associated with the survey people filled out while visiting our Sunday Streets table. Congratulations go to Sarah Cheney, Laura Leipzig and Suzanne Yada!! Enjoy your Cheeseboard or Lush Gelato gift cards!

Many thanks to all the folks who took the time to give us useful feedback on eventual LoveBerkeley offerings that are still in the conception stages.

If you would like us to send you periodic emails regarding offerings or information for newcomers, residents and/or visitors, please go to the LoveBerkeley website homepage and fill out the form telling us your preferences. An additional or alternative way to get similar news is to “like” the Facebook page.

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Sunday Streets!

was out this past Sunday October 13th with thousands of residents, newcomers and visitors to say hello and welcome at the 2nd annual Sunday Streets event on Shattuck Avenue!

What a treat to be stationed at our table near the French Hotel where we watched people of all ages walk, pedal, scoot and shuffle along Shattuck Avenue which normally is filled with two-way traffic every other day of the year.

The weather was perfect and the mood of the day was upbeat and conducive to socializing, taking in live music and other performances and participating in art making, storytelling, eating, drinking, playing and generally having a good time.

Thanks to Alan The Amazing, our friend who came to entertain kids with his balloon creations. 
He can be hired for your special event!

We hope all who attended had a great time….take a minute and tell us what you saw and did during the event!

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